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BetterEscapes by EvilZakkie BetterEscapes :iconevilzakkie:EvilZakkie 41 2
How to write your first story
So, you've decided to become a writer! But where does one start?
The first thing you'll need is an idea. This could be a detailed idea of the events of the story or just a vague idea of a character or genre. For the purposes of this tutorial, let's say I've decided to write a story about intelligent plants.
The next thing you'll need is a character. The character should follow logically on from the idea, either by being the ideal person for this form of story or by being a complete outsider for this type of story, thus offering a fresh perspective.  In order to keep things simple, the most logical character for this story would be a botanist.
Now let's flesh out the character a little bit. Many good stories revolve around the conflict between what the main character believes they want, and what they actually want, so it's a good idea to give the character a shallow and obvious goal, and also a deeper hidden desire. With our botanist, we'll give him the shallow goal of becomin
:iconevilzakkie:EvilZakkie 2 4
How to join a commune
One of the classic ways of escaping from mainstream society is to join a commune. A commune is a form of intentional community in which income, property and possessions are shared, and decisions are collaborative.
There are two methods to become a member of a commune - you can join an existing commune, or you could start your own.
To join an existing commune, you'll first need to research which existing communes will fill your needs. The Fellowship for Intentional Community has quite a long list of existing communes (, but it is by no means complete, and a google search may be a better method of finding nearby places.
After selecting a few places that seem to fit the bill, the next step is to research these places. For starters, you may be able to find more information on the internet - make sure to look at unofficial sources as well as official ones, as unofficial information is more likely to offer a frank opinion on the lifestyle you can
:iconevilzakkie:EvilZakkie 0 0
Embarrassed Hairdryer by EvilZakkie Embarrassed Hairdryer :iconevilzakkie:EvilZakkie 3 2
Guide to Office Conversation
There's two kinds of existing communication forms - socialising & conversation.
Conversation is the exchange of actual information. It can include instructions, information on a topic of interest, jokes, honest discussions about emotions, and anything else where the information contained is actually the entire content.
Socialising is the exchange of very small, "light" amounts of information that is exchanged for the purposes of subtly transmitting an entirely separate set of information. It includes small talk (in which the purpose is to reaffirm relationship statuses, infer emotional states, and remind others that the included people are part of the same "tribe"), power games (in which the purpose is to define a pecking order), and jokoids (A term I stole from "The Comic Toolbox by John Vorhaus - it means something that looks and sounds like a joke, and has all the same qualities as a joke, with the exception that it contains nothing funny - an indication that it is being used for an
:iconevilzakkie:EvilZakkie 3 1
Motivation and why to avoid it
When planning how to spend any particular chunk of your day, there's three options you can choose.
The first option is to do something productive. This could include creative projects, housework, doing something nice for a friend, or doing anything else to further your own goals. Time spent doing productive things is never wasted.
The second option is to do something fun - playing video games, watching TV, spending time with friends, or anything else you happen to enjoy. Time spent doing fun things is also never wasted, as enjoyment is always a thing to be treasured.
The third option, and the only option that is a waste of time, is motivation.
Motivation is any task designed to get you to do something productive in the future.
The most common type of motivation is self-talk. This involves doing nothing, while trying to convince yourself that you should be doing something. Time spent on this task is obviously wasted, as you are not doing anything productive during this time, and you are
:iconevilzakkie:EvilZakkie 2 1
Vaccinations Save Lives by EvilZakkie Vaccinations Save Lives :iconevilzakkie:EvilZakkie 15 22
Basic Guide to Autistic Rights
Autistic rights is about combating the idea that Autism is an entirely negative thing that must be cured, and preventing human rights abuses of Autistic people.
It is widely believed that the person that kickstarted the Autistic rights movement is a man named Jim Sinclair, after a presentation entitled "Don't mourn for us". As someone who was non-verbal until the age of 12, Jim's ability to articulate the desires of Autistic people started many people thinking. This presentation outlined some of the basic tenets:
- That autism is not something separate from an Autistic person, but is part of who that person is.
- That there's not a normal child "hiding behind" Autism.
- That a cure for Autism would mean that the child with Autism would cease to exist, and an entirely different "non-autistic" child would take it's place.
- That the ways autistic people relate to others is different, not nonexistent, and that Autistic people are not unreachable.
Here's the final words from the presentati
:iconevilzakkie:EvilZakkie 20 15
For the game... by EvilZakkie For the game... :iconevilzakkie:EvilZakkie 0 1 Rachebella Psychadella by EvilZakkie Rachebella Psychadella :iconevilzakkie:EvilZakkie 0 1
The Soldiers' Daughter
I miss you Mummy! Milly said I could write you a letter 'coz I was good today and ate all my dinner even though she makes me eat these yucky sprouts and anyway she can't cook as good as you can. I like Milly, 'cept when she makes me eat and doesn't let me go out of my room. Is Moby Fish sad that I've gone?
I love Moby, and you Mummy, and Daddy, and Daddy's friends that stop bad people, and Timmy and Sibbydog. Maybe if I eat all my dinner again tomorrow they'll let me see Sibbydog and he can keep my bed warm? My room is cold and has flowers on the wall and flowers are stupid.
I wish Daddy didn't go away all the time but I'm glad he doesn't let bad people get us. If all the bad people get killed can Daddy stay home for a long time? I wish I could kill all the bad people and Daddy could come home and tell Milly that sprouts are stupid. Is Daddy gone away again?
Daddy told me how he has things that go pop and make bad people go away. He is very strong and bad people are stupid. Timmy and m
:iconevilzakkie:EvilZakkie 1 3
The Journey to France...
At last, the potato had reached the pinnacle...
It had been a long journey, and despite his exhaustion, the potato felt a warm glow of achievement. Below him lay the vast expanses of golden oceans he had dreamed of in his youth, but never dared believe.
Until now.
His reverie was interrupted as the rest of his brethren, too anxious to see the sights themselves, threatened to topple him from his precarious position. One last gasping sigh, and the force behind him grew too strong, too forceful for him to hold his breathtaking position.
The world spun before him, slowly at first, gathering speed as the incline became too much. All his world, all his life was one fluid series of those exquisite moments when his many eyes caught sight once more of that golden glow ahead.
Jagged edges sliced him to the core, but still he knew only joy.
As the searing heat enveloped his soul, he knew he had reached perfection.
:iconevilzakkie:EvilZakkie 1 4




Have you ever been the proud owner of so many donuts that you despair of ever running out? Well, thanks to this weekends Twin Peaks night, this rarest of situations is upon me!

*wipes a tear from my eye*

Thank you, David Lynch - Without you, our freezer would not be full.


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